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The title of the piece explains it. Here are some Canadian bands we think (hope) you'll love.

VCR (Toronto) are a lot of fun and a lot of noise and a lot of shit. They blend a brash punk rhythm, with incandescent hooks and abrasive vocals to make a compilation of bittersweet sounds that are hard to swallow. But it tastes oh so good once you do. If you like Fat White Family you'll probably like VCR. Pelt yourself about your room for a while. It's healthy.

Find VCR on the following sites: Bandcamp - Youtube -


Teledrome (Calgary) have rough guitars, synths and a boppy rhythm section. They're a politely upsetting sound. Easy to swallow and easy to have a boogie to too.

Find Teledrome on the following sites: Facebook - Youtube - Bandcamp -


Dilly Dally (Toronto) are a four-piece with throaty, melodic sounds overflowing with symbols. This band mix disgust with melancholy to create something that is oddly soothing - melodic hooks acting as a buffer to Katie Monks' sand-papery vocals. Dilly Dally released their debut album Sore this October which they describe as "all that and a bag of weed". If you like PAWS, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sonic Youth, then you'll like Dilly Dally.

Find Dilly Dally on the following sites: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Spotify -


The Boys! (Toronto) MORE PUNK!!!! Good humour and good fun. They're angry and annoyed and they want you to know it. They also enjoy Hawaiian shirts - an obvious staple for any heavy punk band. Nae bother. Eat it up, but don't choke.

Find The Boys on Bandcamp:


She Devils (Montréal) are dream-pop, bedroom-pop, scuzzy-pop, fuzz-pop. They're all those weird pop sub-genres that critics have coined over the years. She Devils are easy on the ears and their tickled pink sound will have you in a trance before you can say, "aw, this is nice." Add this music to your Chill playlist and you'll be sorted.

Find She Devils on the following sites: Facebook - Bandcamp - Youtube -

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