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Lipstick Machine (Toronto) is the self-proclaimed "illegitimate love child of the 60's and the 80's." Blending distinctive vocals and crooning guitars and a rhythm section that is smooth as melted chocolate, makes for a divine ode to the post punk era. Sway away your blues to this chilled out sound.

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Mode Moderne (Vancouver) have a more lightweight, post-punk sound. Vocals are flamboyant and a bit fluffy, but the sound is lovely all the same. They utilise synthesizers to every inch of their being; pairing them with shimmery drum fills and serenading guitar riffs which'll have you prancing about your room with a floppy flower in no ti - wait... Is that Morrissey playing? Na, it's not. But if you like The Smiths, then Mode Moderne are the band for you.

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Planet Creature (Toronto) are weird pop, surrounded by floaty distorted output. Crooning vocals make for a dreamy forefront to a band that overflows with spangly goodness. If you're looking for the new Veronica Falls and Camera Obscura, then these girls will fill that void with ease. Another one to add to your Chill playlist.

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Hooded Fang (Toronto) are a nutritious indie rock kind of sound. Melodic and wee bit raw. They've got hooks that'll reel you all the way into their warm embrace. Just let it happen and flail about a bit whilst you're there. Why no?

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Twist (Toronto) pulse through the similar veins as Planet Creature. Here is polite, alternative rock that is healthy for the soul. The easygoing nature of this sound will introduce you to a world of shimmering colour. Just when you think you're in for an easy ride, the rhythm kicks up a gear and suddenly you're in the midst of an angry sonnet to an old friend.

Find Twist on the following sites: Official website: Facebook -

SoundCloud -

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