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They waited two years to share it, but JAWS have finally dropped their second album, Simplicity. The sophomore is a far cry from the Birmingham lads' fuzzy-edged debut, Be Slowly. This LP brags a natural maturation from '2012 indie kids' to 'heavy-weight alt-rock champions'.

"I'm just a boy but I'll be a better man"

Opening track, Just a Boy features some vehement lead guitar, which assists in birthing a dark and heartfelt sound that was never really present in JAWS' music before. Work It Out blends subtle snippets of traditional dance music, with infusions of noughties alt-rock, to create a catchy ode to the shimmering age of 70s disco. If you close your eyes, you can melt right into this one.

In The Morning pedestals an even deeper groove. There's a hefty and rolling rhythm section in this track which grabs you by the hips and doesn't stop swaying. After the introduction bleeds polite fuzziness, the finish hits back with a seriously abrasive climax. Not only does In The Morning get your heart racing; it will melt your mind in the process.

Another of our favourites is Right In Front Of Me. Take a look:

Simplicity is a JAWS expansion pack: it combines old habits with new ideas, to create something unfamiliar. It's close enough to their original stuff to be comforting, but also spiced up enough to feel new. The tactical use of synths, reverb and distortion is what makes JAWS' new music destined for the live stage. It can only get better from here.

Catch the guys at Glasgow's legendary King Tuts Wah Wah Hut on November 27th.

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