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SWEET WHITE are five lads from Aberdeen with a bittersweet alt-rock sound that grabs you by the heart strings and doesn't stop pulling.

Scotland caught onto the band after the release of their debut EP, Monet - which included their most popular single at the time, Tides. The five musicians built up a following after playing shows with Baby Strange and headlining a 9-date Scottish tour.

However, Jake (vocals), Ruairidh (Guitar), James (Guitar), Shaun (Drums) and Corrin (keys) have had a quiet year so far, keeping the cards close to their chests after a busy, but successful 2015.

SWEET WHITE, Image taken from the band's official Facebook page.

The boys broke their silence on September 23rd, making a comeback with another support slot alongside Baby Strange at Tunnels in Aberdeen. Then, on September 29th, Genine wandered in. And we are so glad she did.

This brand new track is filled to the brim with brooding charm. It may be a short track at 02:37 minutes, but it explodes with an artistic capacity that's twice its' size.

Jake's enticing opening vocals are supported by smooth instrumentals, which open the door to a path of beautifully constructed melody. The massive climatic build which hugs each verse only tickles at the chin of Genine's looming chorus, keeping listener on the edge of their seat. Bass and rhythm guitar vehemently embrace just before 00:41, where everything blows out of the water.

The heavy bridge carries listener from that endearing beginning, to a heart-wrenching summit. This massive drop opens the flood gates to a heavier rhythm section, which now works with a brash melodic lead guitar to keep afloat the powerhouse that is lead vocals. There is a poetry in lyricism here, that is raw and truthful - making the entire notion of this track completely genuine and captivating.

Genine allies with the band's rooted sound, intertwining the best parts of indie, alt-rock and funk. By delicately binding the dark with the light, SWEET WHITE have formed a severely addictive ballad which hits hard again and again and again.

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