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JAXN is a solo artist from Manchester who's birthed a sound which is infused with so many elements of contrasting genres, that it shouldn't really work. However, this song writer has created catchy, interesting tracks that will not only keep you dancing, but keep you guessing from start to finish.

Photo taken from JAXN social media

The body of his music is electronic. Yet, by the time it reaches its climax, a track will have utilised electronic drum fills, accompanied by both acoustic guitar and heavy electric guitar. It will have flirted with a blues rhythm and indulged in some heavy bass. Not to mention the gorgeous layering of falsetto vocals which swim around every verse.

Don't know how he does it, but JAXN has merged about 4 different genres and made them into something very easy to listen to and very easy to love. His soulful voice is an integral driving force behind these tracks, bringing an intimate and delectable tone to his set-up.These different sounds could be a disaster if combined clumsily, but JAXN manages to balance them effortlessly.

Have a listen to his first SoundCloud release below:

JAXN released his new track nearly a week ago, via SoundCloud. He's reworked the Rod Stewart classic, Da Ya Think I'm Sexy. Layering the song with electronic beats means he's completely torn this late 70s classic from its cheesy roots; creating a branch of Sexy that's far more suited to a 21st century demographic. This one is a proper hip-roller. Have a listen:

"There's no real meaning behind the cover, I just fancied putting my own spin on Rod's timeless banger!"

Intuitive multi-layered music from a multi-talented musician.

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