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The overall verdict on Electric Fields festival, is that everyone wishes they could stay all year round. We had a fantastic weekend making friends and eating some damn good food. Oh, and the smashing lineup played a part too. Here's how our weekend went:

The Stewart Cruickshank stage was a triumph. This blue topped tent exhibited some of the best of UK musical talent from recent times, making for a perfect ode to the industry legend it was aptly named after. From wandering around the arena overhearing muted wails from WHITE frontman Leo Condie; to almost suffocating at the hands of Fat White Family's smoke induced set: there was never a dull moment in that tent. Not a single one.

The Tim Peaks stage also deserves a shout out. This tent delivered sets of melancholy, intrigue and amazing fun. Having been curated by Tim Burgess himself, we wouldn't have expected anything less. Each night of the festival was tied off by smashing DJ sets which were nothing but pure fun. On Friday was a triumphant Bowie & Prince disco and on Saturday the public were graced with an array of fantastic blues anthems from local DJs, Deep Fired Soul.

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 are the best parts of a Butlins holiday rolled into one sparkly yellow ball. Their garish outfits made up for the momentary lack of sun in the Dumfries sky: their full yellow get-up making rays of light for all to see. Their ethos indulges in inclusive live music. Their outlook is refreshing and their commitment to spreading positivity and happiness to all who encounters them, is encapsulating. They've got rhythm, they've got charm and they've got fun. Throughout the set they had unicorns brandishing discoball staffs, blow up unicorns floating over the crowd and a rainbow-dressed hype man prancing from one end of the stage to the other. Their welcoming, loving and optimistic outlook on life, perfectly epitomises the endearing ethos of Electric Fields festival itself.

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Fat White Family

This show - the only one at Electric Fields - was not really for the kids. The tent was full to the brim of revellers, fans and intrigued onlookers alike. No matter where your stand point on the ethics of the band lies; what remains true, is that this unit of slinky blokes put on one hell of a show. Every set is as horrific as the last. The Stewart Cruickshank tent was overcast and gothic in the wake of a band that are renowned for their intrusive and overbearing live sets. This was the only set during Electric Fields that real moshpits formed in (for what we saw anyway). The shrieks and wails from front man Lias made for an estranged euphoria, forcing every member of the audience into an animalistic frenzy. Their aura was infectious; achieving brilliance in the intimate setting. The show was a treat for any Fat Whites fan.

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The Ninth Wave

The Ninth Wave have had a lot of attention recently, and have been tipped by major Scottish publications as a new band to watch in 2016. Their set at Electric Fields was shimmery and loud, with halos of intoxicating reverb lining every swooping melody. They've got a double A-side coming out at the end of this year, with Dead Beet records and if the energy and vigor in their live sets is anything to go by, then this release will be massive.

There is an obvious camaraderie between all band members, as each pulsates in time with the other, pumping blood to the heart of a pop and goth concoction that is completely addictive.

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