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Blueprint Blue are a band with beautiful faces from South London. The trio is made up of Huw Webb, Melissa Rigby and Elliot Hayward. They work together to create music of marvellous concoctions; ranging from folk influences, to electric guitar harmonies and a looping blues rhythm that will set your heart alight. Basically, they make music that could be played around a campfire on a warm summer's night, but also played loudly in your favourite durgy pub. Either way, you'll be a-swayin' to their gorgeous staccato sounds, with a head full-of smooth grooves.

The three piece are relatively new to the UK music scene and folk are beginning to take notice of this bright and fresh new band. They've played plenty shows down South, but Electric Fields will be their FIRST EVER festival this far up North: "Before this summer we'd only ever played in London. No none of us have been [to Scotland] before but we're excited to play! Hopefully you'll all be kind to us..." And what better pace to start, than the gorgeous surroundings at Drumlanrig Castle?

Not only are the scenes absolutely gorgeous at Electric Fields; the lineup this year is too. The band, like many of us, are buzzin' for a wee bit of Bobby G on the Saturday night: "The line up looks great! We won't be there on the Friday so unfortunately we'll miss the Charlatans, but looking forward to seeing Primal Scream!"

Festivals bring a certain compassion to playing live. The outside air, the different acoustics and the massive amounts of people sharing memories in the same place makes the entire festival-ing experience in general, one to remember. Electric Fields is no different; providing you all with many delights throughout the weekend. For Blueprint Blue, the best thing about playing festivals is the audiences: "The crowds are always better at festivals... It's much more fun being outside when the sun is shining. Knowing what's going on in the outside world, rather than being stuck inside a dark room with no windows! Also the camping side of it is great if you have a cool box."

Once, when they were festival-ing they saw Kamashi Washington "in the same dressing room area as us in Hyde Park [which] was pretty surreal!"

The band enjoy moulding their shows specifically to their setting and their audience. Us punters in the Electric Fields crowd might even get some brand new Blueprint tracks: "We've been swapping the set around a lot recently depending on what we're playing best at the time so we'll have to wait and see. Might throw in a new cover!" With the band having never played in Scotland before, means the crowd will be listening with fresh ears: " changes all the time, but at the moment I'd say our new single, When There's Sun [is our favourite to play live] cause we never play it the same way twice."

Blueprint Blue have an exciting future ahead of them, and their popularity is likely to grow and grow. We like them a lot and if you can make it down to their set this Saturday, you won't be disappointed (because you'll see us there boogying our little socks off). "[we've just released] our first single 'When There's Sun' with Luv Luv Luv records and we have a couple more festivals to play this summer. Then hopefully we'll put the album out early next year!"

Have a listen to their brilliant new single to phase you out of this interview...

Blueprint Blue will play the Tim Peaks Stage on Saturday the 27th of August. COME ON DOWN!

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