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Garage rock band Sweaty Palms have caused quite the stir in Glasgow since they started touring last christmas. Becoming renowned for playing gigs full of carnage and leaving audiences (and themselves) ripping at the seams, means everyone else in the UK circuit is gradually catching on. After a successful tour in July - including a headline set at T in the Park's T Break Stage on the Sunday night - the quartette are back for more; joining us in the fields of Drumlanrig castle this weekend.

"I walked backstage once and seen a band taking cocaine off a torn up Kebabish menu. Probably the most rock n roll thing ever seen."

Their set this Friday will be sweaty (get it) and disgusting (we hope); with smudged lipstick, long hair and reverb galore. The band have "never ever" been to Electric Fields before, but they're looking forward to "decent scran", "being surprised by good [music] to stumble upon" and having "a big party for Don Lets".

They've got reason to stick around after their set too: "Elara Caluna are on after us who are very good. Fat White Family (or what’s left of them right now) should be a hoot. Personally, Factory Floor. Cant wait for some pots and pans in a field." The Scottish quartette are ready to do a show for Electric Fields in exactly the same way as they have from the beginning. As for playing outside, they don't really do anything different: "the majority of outside stages we play tend to be cold, wet, dirty and generally just horrible conditions. Club gigs tend to be in your face, hot and sweaty." The outcome is normally the same anyway. Plus festivals have their own bonuses: "Festivals pay well and we’re only here for the big bucks. Daddy wants to buy a new set of wheels." Me bloody too.

They've been touring and writing for around a year now and, although they might not have an immediate plan, they definitely know what they want to get out of the music they play and how they play it: "after hearing our T Break set in it’s entirety recorded [we're going to play] a little more in time and in tune. Other than that, little else. Firing with both barrels - all the time - no matter if it’s one man and his dog, or thousands of people."

For Sweaty Palms: a shows a show. Their hectic sets tend to have the same effect on people - no matter if the crowd have seen them 10 times in Glasgow, or its their first time at one of their gigs somewhere else in the UK. "After our first tour down south just there, there wasn’t a great distinction between anywhere. Think we just bring the worst out of people where ever we go generally. Case and point - the Bristolian who signed off her Facebook message to us with “lets smash loadsa Bucky and poppers, fuck the queen.” Either way, they're going to put on a good show. Electric Fields boasts one of the most exciting new music lineups in the UK this year. The lineup is overflowing with Scottish talent in particular, and will exhibit the best of a Scottish music scene that is thriving more than ever. Sweaty Palms feel the same way: "[the Scottish music scene is an] exceptionally strongly connected group of people that should be celebrated when the time comes. For music there is a few brightly lit buoys floating on the sea of mediocrity guiding the way for everyone."

In their set this weekend, we'll get to hear some new tracks in tow with the madness. There's no doubt they'll have their regular gig goers giving it their all and hopefully any new listeners will be doing the same. They enjoy playing songs where "everyone gets a bit unhinged", and the reception tends to be best when "someone falls over or embarrasses themselves." Sounds good to us.

Who came up with the idea for the Love Me video? Its smashing. "Thanks! It was a collaborative effort. Most of the stuff was flung together in the hope of finding a thread at the end." Hope we get the colanders and tartan suits tomorrow too.

Watch that video for Love Me below:

Sweaty Palms play the Tim Peaks at 3.30pm on Friday the 26th August.

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