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With Electric Fields kicking off this afternoon, we thought we'd let you see one of the bands from our Unmissable Acts series that we are most excited about.

Sundara Karma specialize in making unapologetically catchy pop melodies, that are addictive to no end. Frontman Oscar Lulu's hearty vocals are consistently capitalised by foundations of prime indie / rock guitar. They've just released their newest single She Said, in perfect timing for a weekend of festivals. The rhythm section in this track is definitive and intermittent, adding precision to an already glossy set-up. There's a synth infusion here and there, which creates a marvellous sparkle of new wave magic. Grab all your pals, get a beer and head to Electric Fields to dance into the sunset with Sundara Karma as your soundtrack.

The four boys from Reading have been around for 4 years now, writing and touring their butts off. Having been lapped up by massive publications like Clash, NME, DIY, means Sundara Karma have gone into this year's festival season as one of the most popular indie bands of 2016. We asked them how its been: "It’s been crazy man. A lot of drinking games."

They've got a busy weekend ahead, but if they can stay for a bit at Electric Fields, they will. The lineup has some absolute gems that are not to be missed: "If we get the chance, Sugarhill Gang is a must!"

Electric Fields is at the end of a very busy festival season for them, but the love for playing in outside venues with thousands of folk doesn't wear off. Sundara Karma enjoy "being able to forget about things for a bit, to sink into yourself and embrace the warmth..." Scottish crowds have always been a green light for the band (thankfully), making this weekend even more exciting: "they have always been up for it [and] the feeling is definitely mutual." The shows don't really differ in terms of set-up when they play outside, but the preparations before going onstage are something of a ritual: "they consist of vodka, chilli heatwave Doritos and hummus (lots of it)." That's the shit we love to hear.

Illustration by Aimee Adam, All Rights Reserved

There is never a dull day when you're touring as one of the most anticipated bands of the summer: "I once crowd surfed at a festival we did a year or so ago and the crowd totally dropped me. I felt like Jack Black at the begging of school of rock. Gotta get back on that horse though right, ride that wave." The privileges of it are even better: " that we're playing most of the festies, [the best part] is probably the free food and booze."

Just because their new album is coming out and its nearing the end of festival season, doesn't mean Sundara Karma are stopping the hard work: "it’s great to get out on the road as it’s basically a non stop party train, but sometimes it can be pretty gruelling". You take the rough with the smooth though, and keep on keeping on. The future holds some of the best things that the band can offer: "lots of gigging and plenty more new music and maybe a sex scandal scoop".

Writing and staying creative with what they do, comes easily to them. Frontman Oscar Lulu explains: "I tend to do most of the writing but really rely on the guys for their taste and opinion. If they like something I’ll know I’m on to a good thing and it makes me feel fuzzy and happy. Writing is lovely as it just comes from such a still, personal space and recording is a magical experience as you get to see you’re work slowly turn into something presentable. "

Audiences at Electric Fields tomorrow can even expect a little sneak peak at what's to come in their promised new music: "for sure, we are playing a few new tunes that will be on our debut album which is coming out at the start of next year [Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect]. Loveblood [also] sits very well with me onstage. So does a new song of ours called Olympia."

Sundara Karma play the Main Stage on Friday 26th of August. THAT'S TODAY!

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