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The countdown to Electric Fields 2016 is well underway. With four more days until the main attraction, we thought we'd give you another look at who we think you should see this Friday and Saturday.

Tuff Love are a dreamy unit from Glasgow who specialise in visceral guitar pop and excel in producing husky melodies which will swim around your mind for days. The duo have been writing for the past four years, supplying themselves with a back-catalogue of tracks to be proud of. From the jagged grunge / pop mixtures in 'Sebastian', to the whimsical caress that is 'Carbon'; Tuff Love adhere to their breathless sound, creating their own form of breezy garage noise.

"Sing nice and soft and make sure there's harmonies everywhere all the time. Make sure guitars and bass are kinda a little abrasive. Tune the snare drum SUPER LOW." - Tuff Love's music explained, by the duo themselves.

Their live performances boast all of that whimsical crooning we hear on record and we, for one, are buzzin' to hear the Tuff Love pair capitalise on that heavier grunge sound that comes with playing live shows. We are also trembling in our boots at the thought of experiencing 'Slammer' in the open air, with the sunshine on our backs. Yas.

Here's what the band had to say about making their debut at Electric Fields 2016.

Even though they can't stay for very long after their set, the duo can appreciate the smashing bands who are also playing over the weekend: "I really like Everything Everything and used to frucking love the Go! Team, but they're both playing on the Saturday and we'll only be there Friday. Noooo. The line up looks pretty cool it's a shame we can't hang around.

Electric Fields may be a young festival, but folk know all about it, or have at least heard of it. Tuff Love have small links to the festival themselves: "Yeah I heard of it last year, but we've never been before. Actually that's not true Iain, our live drummer, played with his band The Phantom Band last year."

The excitement doesn't stop after EF2016. The band have a pretty exciting schedule for the rest of the summer too: "We've got to head straight down to London after our set at Electric Fields cos we're playing Reading and Leeds on Saturday and Sunday, and our stage time is 1:35pm so gotta head down the night before. Would like to stay though, maybe next year we can go and hang more."

Camping is not really Suse from the band's thing. The music and everything else definitely is, though: "I actually really enjoyed Field Day festival in London last year... We played a festival called Coconut Party in France 2 years ago and that was great. [Everyone was all] hot and fun and we all got very drunk and spent the whole next day throwing up. But apart from that it was a very enjoyable experience."

Electric Fields prides itself on providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and who better to make this, than a Scottish crowd? "[they're] friendly, easy going and passionate. All round good eggs." But not every festival achieves that same feeling, no matter how hard they try: "I got really really lost at Glastonbury two years ago at night by myself and it was quite scary and I totally freaked out. It's so big, it's like a mini city. I guess that's not [really] a good story, but sticks in my head a lot when I think about festivals."

Want to know what to expect from the Glaswegian duo's set? Then go along and see them, obviously. They play the Stewart Cruickshank stage at 6pm.


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