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The Electric Fields lineup is overflowing with Scottish charm this year, featuring some of the most talented new bands to come out of the country since 2012. Neon Waltz are a six-piece from John O' Groats who specialise in shimmery alt-rock. After featuring in national publications like NME and The Skinny in 2015, Neon Waltz became an integral part of the UK new music circuit.

As it turns out, we aren't the only ones who are feeling very happy about this year's lineup. Neon Waltz are sharing the love for this intimate Scottish festival and are buzzing to get back on the stage: "It's really exciting! They seem to have got [the lineup] just right."

Neon Waltz are familiar with the Electric set up, having played a year or so ago: "It was smaller last time, so we're looking forward to seeing how it's changed."

The show last time went well, and the festival made for a memorable trip. Some things have changed this year though: "After the last time we're more than happy to return to that setting. It's pretty special. But yeah, the line-up [and] the crowd [are] too, if the last time is anything to go by."

The stage may be outside, and the rain could be falling, but Neon Waltz put the same motives into festival sets as they do with every other gig: "There's not a lot of difference, other than we try to pick a set list to suit the atmosphere." There aren't a lot of differences in playing outside. Apart from "the sun gets in yer eyes. Hopefully."

The guys are playing alongside The Charlatans and Primal Scream on the mainstage, but that doesn't phase them: "It's always good to share a stage with bands you love but we can't allow ourselves to think there's a difference between them and us – we have to aim for the same level."

The band have been pretty silent recently - rumoured to be working on some very special things. Their melodic tracks are shrouded with reverb and drenched in shimmering cymbals. Their spiralling sound is epitomised by the nurturing and nostalgic voice of singer Jordan Shearer. Binding intermittent alt-rock, with waves of psychedelia, means Neon Waltz have pioneered a subtle sound which is unmistakably theirs.

The band's positivity and passion for their music diffuses into their crowds too. What's the best part about playing for a Scottish crowd though? "Absolutely everything. They're the rowdiest, the most handsome & they sing louder than the rest."

The Neon Waltz magic won't end after Electric Fields though. Keep your ears to the ground, because "new music is very much on the horizon and you'll hear about it very soon."

Catch their set on the Main Stage at 3:30pm, on Friday August 26th.

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