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Welsh born three-piece, Chupa Cabra make proper post punk noise. They've got a musical sound/image we're 100% into and you should be too.

This hungry trio will release their newest single Mouths to Feed on August 22nd, in cassette format, for all your listening pleasure. The title track is raw and melodic; spitting out the kinds of thrills that define live music. Play it loud and you'll get the sensation of being at a gig in your bedroom. You might even want to punch something.

The track's driving drums are matched by an enticing bass. Layering thick and distorted guitar catapults the track's sing-a-long vocals onto another planet. An inevitable guitar solo comes about two thirds of the way in, with it's exuberant intro leading into a catchy verse, laden with thrash and noise. Mouths To Feed takes elements of classic punk-rock and smoothes it out with some post-punk track swagger. It's the perfect addition to anyone's weekly playlist.

The second track off the single, All I Know, is an instant hit. We can imagine it played live: the crowd jumping along to it's energetic and exhilarating chorus. With it’s blues inspired lead guitar and consistently smooth bass, All I Know makes for a disgustingly upbeat track which will turn you into the riot that you truly are.

This track is groovy and distorted (yet traditional) garage punk - the kind that inspires the most gruesome of dance moves. Chupa Cabra will release All I Know as B-side to the Mouths To Feed single. Released 22nd of August, with Blak Hand records.

this is them

Pre-Order the cassette here!!!!

The band covered Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good about a year ago. Its real nice:

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Catch CHUPA CABRA in a city near you:

Aug 17 - Cafe 1001, Brick Lane London, United Kingdom

Aug 18 - 42 Bar, Worthing, United Kingdom

Aug 19 - Telford’s Warehouse, Chester, United Kingdom

Aug 20 - Buyers Club, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Aug 26 - Mono Bar, Manchester, United Kingdom

Sep 10 - Summer of Love Festival, Wrexham, United Kingdom

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