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Daisy Victoria is a self-proclimed "quiet lady who makes raucous music in a Suffolk wood."

Don't let her demure appearance fool you. This woman's got gutts, she's got character and she's got the vocal range of a giant.

Capitalising on her tantalizing vox, means Daisy Victoria's music oozes a hypnotic charm that both caresses and scratches at your cheek. Her voice is as whimsical as it is disconcerting and - with a backdrop of heavy guitar and a ruthless rhythm section - makes for a unique string of Goth Pop.

Listen to her most recent track, Animal Lover. This single is to be released as part of her third EP, which is similarly entitled Animal Lover. This EP will also include her antagonistic single, Holy Peace and one unreleased track, Dark Water. If the title track is anything to go by, then this EP will be a triumph for the ambitious songwriter.

Her music beacons an independence and provocation which, in the last decade, has been popularised in the mainstream industry by the likes of Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga. Focussing on the hypnotic and disturbing tones of her voice, means Daisy Victoria creates her own brand of power and forms a fresh sense of womanly empowerment. Her backlog of hypnotic tracks precedes itself. The Animal Lover EP is out August 19th. We, for one, cannot wait.

Watch the video for the Animal Lover single below:

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