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SAHARA are a quartet of indie dreamboats from Dundee. They specialise in feel-good tunes that will make you all warm and summery no matter what the weather is outside. The band released their brand new, self-entitled EP last weekend, featuring their three debut works: Scratch, Blind and Cough Syrup.

Why did SAHARA form? "Nae idea. Honestly don't even think there was a reason but we're here now!"

The Scottish indie-poppers' self-entitled EP is a lovely debut, showing only a glimmer of what the band has to offer. Meeting through school and taking inspiration from all the artists they listened to growing up, means SAHARA have adorned a pre-teen naughties nostalgia that young folk will relate to now.

The band say that the EP came together quite naturally: "Scratch came together almost instantly... it basically wrote itself. We already recorded Blind before as a demo but we completely changed and improved it over the months. Cough Syrup... was taken into the first studio session only half finished and the verses were literally written the night before the last recording session in our iMessage group chat."

The SAHARA EP was recorded entirely at the newly refurbished Magic Box Studio in Dundee, with Scotty Anderson: "we couldn't recommend him enough, and hopefully you'll be able to see why [now that] the EP is out."

Their infectious, guitar driven sound is the sort of spiralling indie-pop which makes you feel young forever. Its the kind of music that will haul you back to the early days of sharing your favourite music via bluetooth on your snazzy Walkman phone - when you sauntered about town with a massive side-fringe and a tote bag draped candidly at your side. Play this band as loud as you can and all too soon you'll be flailing around your room like you did when you were 13 years old.

If they continue doing what they're doing, then SAHARA will quickly become a band to be reckoned with.

Grab a fruit cider, turn it up loud and let SAHARA's shimmery dream-pop set your body a-groovin'.

Catch the band at either of their upcoming live dates:

- Saturday 13th August - Buskers, Dundee

- Friday 16th September - Buskers, Dundee (Supporting Baby Strange)

Get one of a limited run of 50 physical copies of the EP here:

Listen to the SAHARA EP here:

Buy the SAHARA EP here:

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