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Anglo-French duo Bosco Rogers (AKA Barth Corbelet and Del Vargas) dropped their video for True Romance last week - the lead single from their debut album Post Exotic. If psychedelic garage pop is your thing then you'll definitely want to check it out.

Directed by Swiss filmmakers Ramon & Pedro, the video is a neon-drenched throwback to the cheesy music videos of the '80s, complete with kaleidoscopic aesthetics and some very funny - and questionable - dance moves from Corbelet and Vargas. Yet they remain a wholly captivating presence, and the track itself is anthemic surf rock in all its glory. It elicits the sun-kissed harmonies of MGMT, and, in turn, just makes you want to get up and dance.

Yet the meaning behind the single holds something much darker. While it does make several references to society's hedonism in both its lyrics and video, the song is actually more of an acknowledgement of the current state of our climate and our lack of investment in it. “The world is burning and some people couldn't care less as long as the party doesn't stop,” explains Vargas. “We are not those kinds of people. True Romance is about never losing your sense of curiosity or wonderment at the world.”

True Romance is the penultimate track on Post Exotic and is their latest release since their debut EPs Googoo (2014) and French Kiss (2015). The album is a swirling cauldron of colour, groove and delicious harmonies, and it's one that really magnifies their talent for blending contemporary garage blues with 60s-infused surf psychedelia. Their conviction remains, yet every track stands as pure blissful escapism. Some moments are distorted, danceable fun; others are simply filled with chilled out hooks. Either way, their sound is immensely enjoyable, and should no doubt transfer into some spectacular live performances. Be sure to keep an eye out for these two.

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