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Shallows are fuzzy, synth-laden alt-rock for the young and the free. Their scuzzy sound is drenched in addictive summer melodies that will swim around your brain for days.

The Liverpool 3-piece have been in hibernation for the past 12 months working on material. They have resurfaced with an imperious debut single, which boasts their best sounds. Pale mixes rock influences with modern melodies, to create sultry bursts of emotion that will leave you longing for more. Shallows are an indie kids dream, and they're just getting started.

The band formed in a Liverpool music scene they describe as diverse; with many different bands boasting many different genres: "it's possibly in the best place it has been in for a long time with lots of artists gaining national attention over the last couple of years."

The band have known each other for around two and a half years and have no aversion to spending all of their creative time together: "We now live together in Liverpool city centre and we rehearse in Sandhills. We write all our songs together. Most ideas start on acoustic guitar in our flat, then we take any ideas to our rehearsal room, fleshing them out as a full band."

Shallows was born after the lads found a mutual frustration in separate projects they were working on: "The name was inspired by Only Shallow, the first track off Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, which is one of our favourite albums." It was the perfect excuse to start doing something they were truly passionate about: "We wanted to make a band that was musically more exciting and honest."

The dreamy music video for Pale was released last week. It is a concoction of hazy images, sewn together in a gloomy scrapbook style - making for a beautifully drawn ode to twenty-first century youth culture. One of the bands' pals, Niall Lea, created the video, allowing them to work together in creating a visual experience that harmonises Pale perfectly: "the idea came from watching Terrence Davies' Of Time and The City which is a cinematic eulogy to Liverpool."

The band is inspired by the lineage of Liverpool musicians from over the years - many old and many new: "From Echo and The Bunnymen to Bill Ryder Jones and By The Sea." Books and films also build foundations of inspiration for the band: "Patti Smith's Just Kids has been a major influence in the last year."

Recently signing to Key Music Management (Pixies, Mew, Fratellis) means the band are primed and ready to release a waterfall of new music. The Liverpudlian boys adopt a very pointed direction with their music, taking every opportunity to strengthen their sound: "[we aim] to be as honest and as ambitious with our music as possible."

Pale is available now as a free download from the Shallows website. The official release of the AA 7" single - including Pale and House of Love - is available July 29th. Shallows will play their debut single launch at London’s Old Blue Last on August 5th, before announcing wider tour dates for autumn.

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