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Newmoon will release their anticipated debut album, Space, on October 14th this year, via PIAS. The band have been pals since their teens, having officially formed in 2013. In doing so, they birthed a sound that is highflying and perfect for shoe gazing (if that's your thing). The lads have toured all over Europe with bands like Touché Amoré, Basement, Nothing and Cloakroom, to name but a few. The band have a plentiful backlog of tracks and each is just as euphoric as the other.

Can't wait until their album? Fear not.

Head Of Stone is their newest release and it is marvellous. Mixing a heavy rhythm section with spiralling guitar makes for the perfect backdrop to a reverb induced lead vocal that is endlessly dreamy. This track will set your heart alight and take you to a world of shimmering lights and glittering colour. It is the kind of track that will go down an absolute treat live - all hands in the air, with heads swaying. Head Of Stone was written on a Japanese bullet train, speeding between Tokyo and Kyoto. This track is an ode to the feeling of loneliness between foreign culture and languages.

“I realised that there's something very frightening about being in a place where you are unable to connect to people in any way...[there comes] a point where people become unable to communicate, and emotions and nuances are lost. This leads to isolation and resentment and people go their separate ways.”​ - Bert Cannaerts, Singer / Guitarist

Let the wavering sound engulf you, as Head Of Stone completely melts your brain. Careful not to trip.

Pre-Order the debut album here:

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