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Junk Son is a London based project, pioneering a sound of sultry escapism. Stemming from classical roots, means this mix of techno and synth-y pop is a welcoming breath of fresh air.

Junk Son EP was released last month, following the debut Eyes Shut EP, released back in 2015. This matured set of tracks is the artist's most impressive collection to date: the delicious sounds providing an ode to an electronic generation.

You can sing to Junk Son and you can sway to Junk Son. Whether it's opening track, True, taking you on a rampage through darkened streets; or penultimate track, Fool, floating you high above the clouds: Junk son will launch you into a dreamlike state, which will leave you Breathless.

"When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red."

The unit began as a project called Junk, which frontman John describes as "a bit of a joke." It may have had it's ups and downs, but what formed out of some questionable endeavours was something a lot more distinguished: "I think it subconsciously developed into a coherent sound. Working with the band is also a really interesting way of aiming for the sound of the EP."

Junk son is a mergence of many different genres; taking dreamy aspects of techno to create a sound that is tinny yet refined: "A lot of my finished tracks, such as True are developed from old ideas which I’ve revisited and developed. I think reusing old material is a really nice way to work."

John's friends and the people who are close to him keep his motivation running high: "A lot of my friends are amazing musicians, so seeing them play and hearing their music inspires me a lot."

Out of all of his releases so far, John says Crawl was the most enjoyable to record: "Amy (Leiik) and I worked together on the lyrics, and in terms of production, it was one of those tracks that just came together very easily."

The artworks which line every release are a massive part of the Junk Son aesthetic: "The artwork is by Davy Evans, who is a great guy and brilliant artist based in Brighton. We wanted to create a sort of other-worldly landscape that developed as each single is released. I’m super impressed by his work, and it turned out to be a perfect fit for the music."

John mentions some bands that are worth adding to your list of must-listen-to's: "Ross From Friends, Pumarosa [and] The Floating Points stuff has been on repeat." (Don't know what you folks think, but Ross From Friends is a creative outlet we are very interested in).

Take a look at this mesmerizing set-up for their live version of Fool:

Junk Son provides a sound which is unparalleled in the current British music scene. Emerging from a generation which is so saturated by alternative pop-rock, means this unit are a breath of fresh air. Everything about this artist is original and unique, and we love it.

"I’m really inspired when a track does something I don’t understand or can’t work out - that’s when I think music is at its most exciting." ​​

Get the physical EP from Rough Trade here:

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