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Descendents have released details of their much anticipated 7th album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate.

This will be the Californian punks’ first release on Epitaph Records since 1996’s Everything Sucks and will be the product of their decision to end their live hiatus in 2010.

The band’s writing and recording process has been a little less conventional than most. Each member of the band were scattered across various locations in America, including Delaware, Colorado and Oklahoma. This meant that they were constantly sending ideas back and forth to each other over the 3 years it took for them to conceive and record the album. Meeting occasionally in bassist Karl Alvarez and drummer Bill Stevenson’s adopted hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado, meant the band could ensure they were still on the same page creatively. This unusual method could cause setbacks to some bands, however it seems that have found a way which works for them. Having the freedom to create at their own pace meant they did not feel rushed; subsequently releasing “some of their sharpest songwriting yet” as a result.

“I think one of the things that’s kept us inspired over the years is having the music as an outlet for our frustrations” – Milo Aukerman

On the 7th June, Hypercaffium Spazzinate’s debut single “Victim Of Me” was released to the world, showcasing the band’s new and evolved sound. The signature hyper beat of Descendents is still present in their new stuff; contrasting wonderfully with Aukerman’s mature yet raw vocals. Here lies a positive insight of what’s to be expected from the band’s 7th album. The song also features a uniquely melodic bassline which stands out from repetitive, catchy guitar riffs; making for a solid punk tune which stays true to their roots.

See the Hypercaffium Spazzinate track list below: 1. Feel This 2. Victim Of Me 3. On Paper 4. Shameless Halo 5. No Fat Burger 6. Testosterone 7. Without Love 8. We Got Defeat 9. Smile 10. Limiter 11. Fighting Myself 12. Spineless and Scarlet Red 13. Human Being 14. Full Circle 15. Comeback Kid 16. Beyond The Music

This “punk, pop, buzzing, summery, heartfelt, defiant, adolescent and wise” album will be available to listen to on 29th July before they set off around Europe for a handful of festivals:

04.08.16 Blackpool (UK) - Rebellion Fest - tickets 06.08.16 Hünxe (DE) - Ruhrpott Rodeo - tickets 09.08.16 Tolmin (SI) - Punk Rock Holiday - SOLD OUT 11.08.16 Eschwege (DE) - Open Flair Festival - tickets 11-13.08.16 Gothenburg (SE) - Way Out West Festival - tickets 14.08.16 Helsinki (FI) - Flow Festival - tickets

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