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Weinf makes a triumphant comeback with his hillbilly infused EP, Bury With My Money.

He's a young DIY musician from Barcelona, Spain. A month ago he returned with a brand new single Road Trip and a video to match. Now, he's released a smashing trio of rockabilly charged bedroom-pop that will make your hips roll. This three track EP is a fantastically messy excavation of some of his most catchy tunes to date. All tracks are recorded, mixed and produced by Weinf, in his own bedroom. This DIY artist is actually a DIY artists. There's a funny perception going round which deems music that sounds like its DIY, as DIY. When, nine times out of ten, someone in an expensive studio has worked for hours mixing and editing tracks to achieve that "do it yourself" sound. Weinf is exactly the opposite.

After his cancer diagnosis one year ago, its clear the musician fuels his music with a little something darker. This new direction boasts a fantastic talent, which in turn opens up wider horizons for the Spanish creative. We like it. A lot.

Title track, Bury Me With My Money is a triumph from the one man band. His voice lies husky under an array of reverb, whilst an intense riff masterfully caskets his vox, nurturing the sound to a very natural ending.

The final track on this EP is a personal version of You Look Like Rain, written by 90s band Morphine. Weinf originally recorded this track as a birthday present for a friend, but he decided it fit perfectly for closing the record.

Bury Me With My Money was released on limited edition cassette on May 27th, under Californian label, Wiener Records. You can listen pretty much everywhere online. The video for Bury Me With My Money was made in conjunction with his old videos and help from Yono.

Also worth a listen: Requiem For Myself, Miranda and Road Trip.

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