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Oklahoma's BRONCHO released album #3 today. Double Vanity will take you out of this world - your limbs floating about like they aren't sewn to your torso. This LP shows shitty planet earth in a new light as it warps with swirling colours. Let it's shimmering hubub be the soundtrack to your venture out of reality.

This grainy and apocalyptic album is filled to the brim with spangly reverb and heavy instrumentals. These feather a path through a strategic rhythm section, birthing something that is truly out of this world. Lulling vocals cast a shadow-blanket over the set-up; casketing a sound that is both as comforting as a warm embrace, and as unsettling as an unfamiliar finger caressing your spine.

Senora Borealis sports a grim riff, executed with vigour. It is abrasive to the point that it tears a hole exactly where your sense of being used to be. Intermittent bass trembles throughout the track, chasing these repetitive riffs to a crooning end. Frontman, Ryan Lindsey's voice is antagonistic and elusive as he embraces listeners with a rumbling growl.

Speed Demon clambers through a repetitive melody, before plummeting to a sudden close at 2:30 minutes. It sprints over an air of echoey attitude making it near impossible to shake the addictive tune. Their words escort you through this triple-daring track, leaving the catchy lyrics swimming around your brain for days to come.

"Spuh puh puh be puh puh beed demon"

Jenny Loves Jenae deserves a shout out for its angelically tortured vox. This is what comprises a strangely endearing narrative to the track and provides a progressive alteration to the direction of the LP as a whole. Air pockets form in between layering of noisy guitar and thrashing drum sections, which are filled by a sense of vocal distrust. This is made even more unsettling by tantalising falsetto harmonies.

"Jenny Loves Jenae but she don't believe her"

Final track, Wanna is a slow burning delight. It takes you into the clouds for one last time, before Double Vanity comes to an all-too-soon close. Its a bitter sweet ending which overflows with those familiar unnerving harmonies: the mergence of darkened vox and shimmering instrumentals carrying you to a place of calm.

Double Vanity takes you on the best trip you'll ever have, before leaving you numb. Play this LP loud and make sure you have plenty of space to flail yourself around to it's impressive gripes. Watch as things you thought were normal, turn into something far less familiar and let its' gritty layout guide you through a post apocalyptic world of spiralling colour.

Other favourites: All Time, Fantasy Boys and Two Step.

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