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Choose Edinburgh. Choose the Grassmarket. Choose the cold, darkened streets of one of the busiest parts of town at two in the morning.

Some of the Trainspotting 2 cast and crew were spotted filming in one of Edinburgh's legendary streets in the early hours of this morning. The normally hectic streets of the Grassmarket were totally dead whilst everyone partied oot their nuts in Hive.

The crew began very openly at the mouth of Victoria Street at around midnight. They moved on to High Street on the Royal mile at around 1am, before settling on Cockburn Street until around 4am.

Darkened figures sprinted frantically in and out of auld closes - traipsing over the famous Edinburgh cobbles in what appeared to be a frantic chase scene. These 3 streets framed 3 separate shots for a very intense scene between a definite Begbie stand-in (you'd know that moustache anywhere) and what could have been either a young Mark Renton, an old Mark Renton or Mark Renton's son...who knows? All we know is that Begbie is very very angry and the Renton-in-question is running for his puny little life.

Begbie stand-in gets ragin (Photo Molly Neill)

Cast and crew fleeted around the Old Town, with vans moving all equipment between the streets throughout the night. No A-listers made appearances and there were no Danny Boyle sightings (dammit).

A security guard said he had been waiting for the crew since midday, and they only turned up now. "We've been here nearly 14 hours now and I don't think we'll be finishing any time soon. It was supposed to be a quick shot taking about half an hour, but now its going to take about 4 hours."

The crew aren't finished though. Today is a new day and they're moving over to a new city: "They're filming in Glasgow [today]...if you look hard enough, you could probably guess where it'll be...that'll definitely be a busy one."

Cast / crew on set (Photo by Molly Neill)

If you want to have your taste of TS2 excitement then get yourself over to Glasgow TODAY, RIGHT NOW, DO IT and probe that massive city like your life depends on it. It'll be completely worth it.

Fancy getting involved in filming? Head down to Cav in West Tollcross in Edinburgh and be a part of the mystery TS2 club scene. Make sure to dress 80's on June 14th at 16:15. Here's all the deetz:

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