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“Rock and roll is a risk”.

At its core, Sing Street is a generic Get-the-Girl film. Its about a boy growing up in Dublin during the 1980s who tackles his strained family life by starting a band: all to impress the mysterious girl he likes. The director's - John Carney - love for music manifests itself in the characters he creates. The film captures everything that’s wonderful about music, both as a creator and a listener. Sing Street is School of Rock meets Wes Anderson. It's funny, it's heartwarming and it's quirky.

The film soundtrack is undoubtedly one of the best aspects of this film. Being centred around music, the storyline would fall completely limp if this was not the case. This soundtrack beholds some of the best 80s classics, alongside a collection of fantastic originals written for the film. The first original piece “The Riddle of the Model” is a keyboard driven piece of new romantic genius that is seriously catchy and accompanies one of the most fun moments of the film. “Drive It Like You Stole It” is perhaps the most fleshed out of all the entries, paired alongside an elaborate dream sequence that is cinematic marmite. Although, chances are, if you’re enjoying Sing Street up to this point; you’ll accept this blob of marmite for what it is and grit your teeth until it’s over. Thankfully, the other songs are given a more enjoyable visual pairing - featuring quirky homemade music videos. These are fantastically low budget little vignettes that become increasingly professional throughout.

Sing Street is consistently hilarious and charming. Carney leads a talented cast and picks an excellent soundtrack to immerse you in his vision of 80s Dublin. It’s got real heart to it. However, like a good pop song, it’s all over a bit too soon. This heartwarming belter will keep you laughing and singing for days. The ending may be bitter sweet, but there’s no doubt you’ll be itching to hit play again. And again. And again.

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