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Maybelleen is made up of French-Canadian brothers, Charles and Pierre Camire. Their music intertwines the most impressive aspects of pop-rock and dreamy psych, to create a sound that is embracing and gentille. Merging synth-drawn keys and spangly guitar, the band form a sound which adorns the most dreamlike of mentalities.

The duo played as part of The Basement Sessions at Broadcast, in Glasgow last week. Despite their supporting slot, the dark basement venue was buzzing. Although, Apache Sun were 'the main' attraction of the night, Maybelleen held that stage as if it was their own. Their live sound is just as marvellous as their recorded tracks, and their attitude to music is almost (but not quite) as marvellous as their hair.

Maybelleen came; they played and they triumphed. People watched; they danced and they loved. What more do you want?

Music is second nature to the duo. Pierre and Charles explain how music runs in their blood: "Our dad used to record a lot in studios in Montreal and around Canada. He used to write a lot, so we learned how to do it very early."

Making music has never been a chore to the brothers; more a sense of being. "Its all about a way of life. We love doing music and we love doing it ourselves. It's creation. Right now, on tour, its about surviving, though."

Pierre and Charles explain how their creative process wavers between individual inspiration and collective creation: "We kind of write our songs separately, then we record in our bedrooms. We've got our computer and recording stuff, so we do it all ourselves. We then produce everything with our dad. The three of us all working on something as one. Its always fun."

In conversation, the band exude a very enriched grasp of reality; sharing an acknowledgement of the importance of togetherness. They talk of kindness and appreciation for the things that you have. Inspiration for music, in their eyes, flows easier through this state of mind: "Our inspirations come from everyday experiences and the feelings we got. If you're awake to your surroundings, then you will always have inspiration. It's everywhere, it's invisible. It like going fishing and catching a fish: it's mysterious."

For the past month Maybelleen have been traipsing up and down the UK, playing the longest tour they have ever done. The band visited the UK once before as a family holiday, playing some open mic sessions as they went.

Since April 8th, the band have touched base in Bath, Birmingham, Manchester, Hull and Middlesborough, to name but a few. "We've had a lot of good gigs and a lot of bad gigs. Middlesborough was cool and Hull was free entry so we had like 100 people come see us play. We supported a sold out gig in Manchester, so that was special. Our shows definitely get better as we come further north!"

Its intriguing to hear that the brothers have noticed a distinct difference in music culture in the UK compared to Canada: "you guys have been listening to music for a lot more years than Canada. It's like you have it really deep inside of you. In Canada it doesn't matter that much, but here its like you're weird if you have no interest in it. The music scene is very big here and there is a lot of things going on all the time."

When asked if they prefer touring or recording, they laugh. "Right now, we have been touring for a very long time, so our answer might be different. But, its all the same - like its all the same work. We do music because we want to record and touring isn't the main thing for us. But then, what kind of musician doesn't tour?! Its very stressful booking and getting promotion. You won't get out there if you're not heard. Its all part of the job."

This band live and breathe creation. Doing what they love is the driving force behind Maybelleen. Their music is the result of hard work and is the end product of a refreshing awareness of the world they live in.

It's all about the music, the people, the places and the memories. Imagining, creating and learning.

Oh, and don't forget meditation. That's very important too.

"We say beck or bisou. There is a very good song by Melody's Echo Chamber, called Bisou Magique thats about 'snogging'."

Here's a beautiful rendition of one of their tracks, Rest My Case. Performed in AA Second Chance music store, in Oldham.

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