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After a long time in the abyss, it appears Drowners are slowly but surely resurfacing.

The announcement of their second album ‘On Desire’ sent loyal fans into a frenzy. The album will be released on 24th June this year and is looking to be a summer hit. The New York group have since released two singles – ‘Cruel Ways’ and now, ‘Pick Up The Pace’.

In Pick Up The Pace, Drowners have exhibited a new, deeper sound which is a far cry from the sweet, jangly tunes of their self-titled debut album. They have stuck with the 80s vibe and their trademark chorus guitars; however the introduction of a more electronic sound makes this single stand out from their back catalogue.

Even though they have introduced more sounds, it is actually much more stripped back and low key than their previous work which makes for a more mature and interesting tune.

The song breaks down into a quiet, twinkly electronic interlude which contrasts nicely with the launch into a final round of the song’s pleading chorus. Welsh heartthrob lead singer Matt Hitt croons “honey, you’ve got to pick up the pace” as the song’s crescendo comes to a catchy ‘Inbetween Days’-style end.

With this fresh, darker sound it seems Drowners are set to become the three dimensional band they were destined to be. As anticipation rises following the release of Pick Up The Pace, it’s more than likely that Hitt and co. are going to pull it out of the bag in this next album.

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