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When life gives you lemons, plaster them around Manchester and watch The Stone Roses fans everywhere explode with nervous anticipation.

After 21 years, The Stone Roses have finally risen once again and presented us with a new single: ‘All For One’, which was released at 8pm on Thursday. The band have been in the spotlight recently after announcing dates for Manchester gigs and the announcement of their headlining spot at T in the Park (July 2016), but have the Madchester band lived up to high expectations when it comes to this new single?

Undoubtedly, The Stone Roses have been a highly influential band and have produced music that will live on regardless. However, ‘All For One’ doesn’t quite live up to what fans know and love about The Stone Roses. The new single stays true in some aspects to the Roses earlier music. From the simplistic lyrics that we familiarise with in the likes of ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ to the loud guitar riffs and spangly feedback we associate with the best of their old classics. Sadly, despite all of this, 'All For One' is rather messy.

"All for one, one for all If we all join hands we'll make a wall"

Ian Brown’s vocals are quite frankly weak and although the lyrics are simple, they’re bit a cringey. John Squire, on the other hand, is what makes this track almost golden with his killer guitar solos and heavy guitar output. The hooks are classic of the Roses and the rhythm will definitely make your hips sway. Fortunately for die hard fans, this new single still includes just enough nostalgia to fuel their love. It will no doubt bode well with drunken fans bellowing the lyrics at T in the Park this summer. Despite all of it’s faults, this track doesn’t tarnish the reputation of the band. They have sparked an interest in music for younger generations and for that we should be thankful.

However, this track doesn’t live up to The Stone Roses hype... sorry Ian.

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