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Skaters are back with a rekindled charm. Rock and Roll Bye Bye EP see's the band take a new direction; prizing us with a concoction of their most interesting melodies to date.

Title track, Rock and Roll Bye Bye, launches straight into a melancholy world of percussion and sound-bites that is simply marvellous. This biographical depiction of life before the band is smooth and refined to a level Skaters were previously unbeknown to. Swooping grooves line every inch of this track, intertwining with a delicious hip-hop rhythm to create a heavier version of classic 80s post-punk.

Flip Flip Flip… is an endearing excavation of crooning vocal and intermittent drum beats. Accompanied by heavy notched guitar; the soft vox is seductive to the ear. Perched throughout the track are perfectly timed pauses and plummeting breakdowns, which will set your heart alight.

#1 Record is spangly and incandescent as it bounces in a way that can only be described as reggae. It lulls and its numbing, but in the very best of ways. Let the wavy sound of #1 Record settle your mind before the onslaught of post-punk noise that is to come in the tracks that follow.

The Loner screams post-punk. At just under 3 minutes its a rollercoaster of a track, catapulting listeners straight back into that adrenaline fuelled coma that came so readily with the band's earlier stuff. It is filled to the brim with familiar shredded guitar and filthy drum sections that’ll force your mind into a spiralling frenzy of animalistic appreciation. Disconnect your limbs from your body and let The Loner rampage you into a world of post-punk madness.

Final track, Tourist Death March / Malibu Holiday is a slow-burning masterpiece. Its chilled, its dark and its melancholy. But, not for long. 1:35 brings a massive mosh-pitt enducing breakdown. It’s a smooth runner, which rampages into antagonistic vox, mixed vehemently with interrogative guitar. Its spiteful with a runaway sentiment that caskets some of the best adrenaline-feulled aspects of their debut album, Manhattan.

This 5 track preview of what’s to come in album 2 is a rock and rollercoaster. It shoots you up and drags you down. It takes you to sunshine places, whilst making you feel nostalgic for memories that aren’t even your own.

Lots has changed in their music, but Skaters know who they are, they know what they want and they know exactly how to achieve it. This end product is nothing short of marvellous.

Rock and Roll Bye Bye is released TODAY GUYS TODAY. You can find it on here:

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