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Ayakara are a band from Leith, known for their sweaty live shows and having intense love for what they do. Ayakara surf on a blurred line between smooth jazz and shimmery rock. Laying homage to the soulful strummings of Stevie Wonder and the wordy wiles of Alex Turner's solo stuff; Soothe Ya EP is exactly what it says on the tin. Put your favourite 90s Hawaiian shirt on, grab a pint and let that sweet melody Soothe Ya.

"You swing your arms like a soldier

just cos somebody told you

that kind of thinking don't suit ya"

Title track, Soothe Ya, opens with a delightful drum section, accompanied by a tickle of melody from lead guitar. This hip-hop rhythm section forms the base of a track which shows genuine artistic prowess. Their tightness as a unit is exhibited in this EP; boasting an intricately orchestrated sound that spans far beyond their years. Let Soothe Ya reign you into a pool of old-school grooves, as it swells with modern melodies to finally catapult you into a wave of some of the best feel-good, smooth-rock you'll hear this side of 2010.

“Put your arms round my shoulder I don’t want you I need you”

Soothe Ya Longer, prizes listeners with heavier instrumentals and a crooning vocal that is impossible not to love. Laced with symbols; this ensemble will make your heart swoon. Not to mention the breakdown. Proper groovy. The band are self proclaimed "adrenaline groovers for the soul" and they've nailed it in this EP. Ayakara say they're a "celebration of life, coming together and having an unforgettable time" and their music showcases exactly that.

Catch the band at some of their upcoming live dates. The next is PJ Molloy's in Dunfermline on May 14th. After that, they headline Leith Depot on the 19th of June. This one is sure to be a sell out, so get your tickets quick.

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