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Tucked away in the beautiful city that is Edinburgh, lie local indie collective, Cool Blue. The band have just launched their debut EP at a sell out gig at The Attic in Bathgate (29th April). The band’s sound undoubtedly goes hand­-in-­hand with their name: oozing a cool, dark aura that eerily consumes the listener.

Opener ‘Know’ kicks off with a groovy electric keyboard that the band layers throughout the rest of the track, producing a hip sound that carries similarities with alternative rock band The 1975.

Cool Blue fill the track with a mixture of light percussion and subtle guitar riffs. These are accompanied by smooth, echoing vocals that are mesmerising and filled with raw emotion. You can't ignore that endearing Scottish twang.

Dipping into the next track, ‘More Fool Me’ is layered similarly to ‘Know’. The output of guitar is increased slightly, amping up that edginess the band flirted with in the first track. Although Cool Blue display their writing talent to no end in this EP, ‘Ember’ proves to be the strongest lyrically. The vocals carry the familiar eery echo that we experience in the other tracks, however lines such as “Your voice embers, burn my bones right

through” creates an unavoidable sense of fiery emotion.

The EP is taken to a finish with a slightly more uptempo track. ‘Like You Love Me’ intertwines that familiar light percussion beat and cool spangled guitar which promise positive reactions from a live crowd.

Cool Blue basically do what it says on the tin. With a mixture of heartfelt, echoing lyrics and electric keyboard; this band are one for the cool kids. This EP is a must have for any chill­-out session. Let the smooth, passionate lyrics float you into a coma of complete relaxation. Cool Blue’s debut EP displays talent and the most impressive potential. Listening to them makes us proud to be Scottish.

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