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Mirror Gorillas are an up and coming four piece from Manchester/Cardiff. They produce their own music, resulting in a sound that is raw and edgy - perfect for gigs. The band recently released their debut EP ‘Alright Alright Alright’ on April 15th. Upon listening to just four tracks, there's no doubt this band are onto something special.

The band kick off the EP with ‘In Love / All Alone’ . The guitar driven, 90’s sound that this track carries, draws similarities to the likes of 90s britpoppers Blur. The vocals are wavy and ooze a familiar summer vibe. Although impressive, the vox is slightly overpowered by the guitar. This adds to the self-produced charm of the band, however, and is resolved in the following tracks.

‘We Can Still Hang Out (If You Want)’ is a fantastic follow up. The band tone down the output of the guitar slightly, yet maintain the familiar surf notes we heard in the first track. A smattering of tambourine compliments the spangly riffs perfectly and creates a cool, upbeat aura that will bode perfectly in a live setting.

The band's lyrics shine through in the next track ‘Do U Wanna Leave Now?“The moonlight scrapes the traffic lights”. From this we gain a visual picture of a dreamy night sky - adding to that summer road trip atmosphere which the band previously nurtured. Accompanied by crooning “ooo’s” and shimmery guitar, this layering is messy in a charming and fun way.

Alright Alright Alright is taken to a pleasant finish with ‘Plz Don’t Go’. Compared to the other tracks exhibited in the EP, this one is Mirror Gorillas' ballad. It rounds off the EP perfectly. It’s as if the rest of the album is a cool night out and this song is the chilled drive home. The hazy, dreamlike vocals and intimate lyrics are a tip of the hat to the likes of Mac Demarco and JAWS, who popularised this shimmering, storytelling genre.“Her sultry fingers, running down the base of my spine.”

This EP is endearing and easy to listen to, from start to finish. The guitar driven sound and cool beach vibes, are what make Mirror Gorillas perfect for your summer 2016 playlist. It’s fun, cool and gives a real insight into the bright personalities of the band. The self-produced entity of Alright Alright Alright stands as evidence of this band's raw talent.

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