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"Yes, I'm lazy, but I'm in control"

Maybelleen have just released a brand new video for their smooth, spangly single, When I'm Right. The video is a 4 minute trip, which carefully enhances the beautiful instrumentals of the single. Images which should distract from the main singer vocal, instead enhance a creativity and enlightenment in the bands' sound. Multi-coloured sampling adds another dimension, forcing an aliasing effect on the generic full-face frame.

The film opens with a candid, black & white view of Quebec artist, Armand Vaillancourt. With his existential aesthetic and deep, all-knowing glare, Vaillancourt adds a wholly different angle to this video. "In the opinion of historians and arts specialists, Armand Vaillancourt is one of the most important artists of the second twentieth century, not only in Quebec and Canada, but all over. Armand Vaillancourt is still present in all sorts of scenes, supporting social, political and ecological causes." Later, Vaillancourt interrupts the track by staring blatantly at someone off-screen: "I am a don't mess with me" he threatens. Who knows what's happened there.

"If you help me I'll abuse But if you don't I'll be confused"

This video takes a look through Maybelleen-coloured glasses. The artistry and fanciful layout of this endeavour will take you to an unknown world. A world which matches the psych outlet of Maybelleen, perfectly.

Find the video for When I'm Right here:

Interested in seeing Maybelleen live? Find them at dozens of UK and European venues over the next month. Info here:

Take a look at Armand Vaillancourt's work, here:

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