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Saturday the 23rd of April was the first ever Big Discovery Festival in Edinburgh. The event brought together some of the most promising musical talent in the UK, at some of the best small venues in Scotland. Many came, many listened and may danced.

Have a look at the second of our five favourites from Saturday.

WYLDE - The Mash House

Blue lights splice the darkness of Edinburgh's unsung live venue, The Mash House. WYLDE filter onstage, chorused by a franticly eerie drum fill. The Edinburgh band may have an indiscriminate onstage humour, but what they lack in chatter, they whole-heaterdly make up for in creative talent. Their music is shoegaze at its finest. Fleeting, shimmery reverb fills the room as the crowd grows larger. The Edinburgh four piece play a very tight show, using every minute of their half hour slot to exhibit their artistic prowess. It is clear that the band are inspired by DIIV and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Their set is one of the loudest of the day, but the young musicians pull the sound off miraculously. There's a momentary waver, where guitarist Robbie Broome has to ask the sound engineer to push the output even higher. While vocals (supplied by Monica Anderson) and guitar are impressive; it’s the rhythm section that steals the show. Bassist Chloe Duenas and drummer Jamie Walker intertwine to create a violent chemistry.

WYLDE may have been low on the radar this year, but come 2017, you can expect to see them much closer to the top. They're going to be driving crowds WYLDE over the coming months.

Photo by Corrine McAndrews

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