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Saturday the 23rd of April was the first ever Big Discovery Festival in Edinburgh. The event brought together some of the most promising musical talent in the UK, at some of the best small venues in Scotland. Many came, many listened and many danced.

Here's the first of our favourites from the weekend.

ECHO VALLEY - The Mash House

This pick blew us away. Echo Valley are an impressive indie-rock quartette from Ayrshire. This four-piece indie psych band exhibit a pride in their work and exude an enthusiasm onstage that is contagious. As they tear through their set it’s apparent just how practised they are.

Their sound emphasises the luscious crooning pop of Peace; using heavier breakdowns like those of Palma Violets, to create something delicious. Many of their tracks showcase fantastic bass work; exuding a cool atmosphere into the dark, sweaty venue. This sense of relaxation is quickly expelled as the band play an explosive final track. Entitled “Song Idea One” it’s a ferocious dance floor hit. Echo Valley could've easily played at 50% of their ability and won the crowd over just as effortlessly. They’ve proved themselves as a band willing to give nothing but their full capability and we wouldn't want anything else. Fantastic.

Photo by Corrine McAndrews

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