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Saturday the 23rd of April was the first ever Big Discovery Festival in Edinburgh. The event brought together some of the most promising musical talent in the UK, at some of the best small venues in Scotland. Many came, many listened and may danced.

Here's our fifth and final pick from Saturday's events.

Indigo Velvet - The Mash House

Indigo Velvet are classic indie-pop. Their songs are bright and positive, reflecting that summer mindset we long for all year round. A simple foundation of percussion is what sets this band apart from the many other indie bands out there.

Hailing from Edinburgh, this unit are one of the most successful bands to come out of Scottish pop-culture in the past five years. Their sound has become more and more refined with every release. The band released a brand new single at the start of 2016, Easy Love. This track is a particular hit in their live set, forcing almost every member of the audience to bust a move - even if its a simple head bob. Gaudy shirts, groovy hair and boppy beats are what comprise this classic Indigo Velvet setlist. This band are easy to listen to and easy to love. You'll have the catchy melody of early release, City Boys, stuck in your head for days.

Photo by Ailean Beaton

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