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Saturday the 23rd of April was the first ever Big Discovery Festival in Edinburgh. The event brought together some of the most promising musical talent in the UK, at some of the best small venues in Scotland. Many came, many listened and may danced.

Here's our fourth pick from Saturday's events.

The Rising Souls - The Mash House (Headliners, the Acoustic Stage)

The Rising Souls were the perfect offset to an otherwise indie-ridden lineup at The Big Discovery 2016. The trio from Edinburgh describe themselves as rootsy, country soul. We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

This soulful unit are an endearing composition of acoustic guitar, drum box and bass. Simple, yet refined. Their sound is welcoming and warm. Smooth classic rock layouts are what encase a wonderful country ensemble. The Rising Souls are the most distinguished Scottish soul band the country have seen since the hail of Paolo Nutini. Frontman, Dave Archibald is a vox powerhouse. Deep and rustic; his vocals are a comforting embrace. Their large crowd formed gradually throughout the set. The Rising Souls ended on a gorgeous note, with a substantial audience behind them. Every person stood in the vintage, lampshade lined room, completely won over by The Rising Souls' melodic take on old-school country blues.

Keep an eye out for more from the Scottish soul men.

Find The Rising Souls on the following sites:

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