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Saturday the 23rd of April was the first ever Big Discovery Festival in Edinburgh. The event brought together some of the most promising musical talent in the UK, at some of the best small venues in Scotland. Many came, many listened and may danced.

Here's our third pick from Saturdays events.

JAKIL - The Mash House (Headliners)

Jakil are veterans of the Edinburgh music scene. The band have been around 3 years now and their refined set on Saturday lies testament to this.

Their live performance is one of the most fun sets of the whole day.

The crowd are primed and ready to dance after Indigo Velvet's set. The band are greeted by an impressive roar from the crowd as they trapse onto the stage - now crowded with instruments. They have their audience wrapped around their finger from the word go. Jakil's sound is a sweet mix of early Fall Out Boy classics, paired with the irreverent charm of Michael Jackson. This combo may not work on paper, but it most definitely works on stage. Frontman, Kieran O’Brien has an outstanding presence. He dances the set away, enticing the crowd to the very front of stage. His contortionist dance moves match with a blinding light show to create a hip-pop ensemble that is truly unique.

Tracks such as "Istanbul" make you feel a million times cooler than you actually are. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a band who have as much uninterrupted fun onstage as Jakil do. Their three years on the circuit have served them well. Keep your eyes and ears to the ground, because Jakil are onto something special.

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