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The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hooray.

Oh wait, he's taken it off again.

We've had some gorgeous weather recently. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay for long.

For those of you who are missing that lovely golden ball of warmth: FEAR NOT! We have a selection of tracks that will make you feel as if it had never left.

This is our Top Picks from this week's BEACH playlist. Find the full playlist here.

1. Maybelleen - With The Sound

Photo taken from Maybelleen official Facebook page

If you haven't heard of them before: Maybelleen are a pair of talented brothers from Canada. Ripping up conventional psychedelia, this band layer smooth-rock with some wonderfully subdued surf pleats to create a sound that is both traditional and refreshing. Their vocals loop in and out of light scatterings of jazzy drum and base, to form a shimmering ode to old-school psych-rock.

The brothers, Pierre and Charles, have been writing and performing together for years, creating something exciting.

If you're into Tame Impala and Temples; then you'll fall head over heels for Maybelleen.

The boys are touring the UK right now. Think of any UK city and you can bet your bottom dollar, that Maybelleen will be playing there in the next month. Support comes from LUCI. This lengthy tour lasts form April 13th to June 18th. There's plenty of time to catch this Canadian unit at some of your favourite intimate venues in the UK.

Photo taken from Maybelleen official Facebook page

Tour info here:

Find Maybelleen on the following sites:

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SoundCloud -

2. Holiday Home - A Little Place In The Sun (Imagine, Don't Even)

"Two enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine holiday fun."

Feathered with comedic soundbites, A Little Place In The Sun (Imagine, Don't Even) comprises an atmospheric ode to the most familiar aspects of summer holidays. Let the sun-kissed sound of Holiday Home send unstoppable warmth running through your veins. This track is complete nostalgia.

The band are a side project of Mirror Gorillas - another band featured on this playlist. Harry Willicombe's fluffy guitar and crooning vox, matches delightfully with Tim Stamper's definitive bass, creating something wonderfully drowsy. (Don't forget "Guitar Band on the drums"). This band are DIY mastery at it's best. A Little Place In The Sun (Imagine, Don't Even) is the perfect opening track to any summer playlist.

Photo taken from Holiday Home official Facebook page


Find Holiday Home on the following sites:

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SoundCloud -

3. Our Girl - Our Girl

Our Girl is delightfully foggy; subtly surfy and deliciously atmospheric. This Brighton trio have masterfully cultivated a genre of strategic dream-pop, that is refined and melodic to a state of euphoria. Echoey and riddled with reverb; the vocals in this track are simply smashing. Precision in every aspect of sound production supports this track perfectly. The trio released a calmer, more soothing alternative on Spotify in December 2015. Be sure to check it out: Sleeper / Level.

Photo taken from Our Girl official Facebook page

Find Our Girl on the following sites:

Facebook -

SoundCloud -

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