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KELVIN - Cabaret Voltaire @ 21:00

Its only weeks after the recent release of Kelvin's latest single Chase. The Glaswegians are out to win hearts with their anthems, but there is more intelligence in their music than their label of indie may suggest. From the crashing nature of Chase, through to the sleek riffs of Punching Bag Kelvin are not a flash in the pan.

They first came onto the scene early last year. Since then, they’ve proved themselves to be one of the most promising guitar bands in recent years. The production by Jim Lowe (Foo Fighters, The Charlatans) brings an incredible energy to their singles. An energy which the band are becoming renowned for.

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JAKIL - The Mash House @ 21:10

Jakil are an Edinburgh band, keen to have it large. Having already made quite a name for themselves locally, these lads are out to prove themselves even further this weekend at The Big Discovery. They’ve also recently performed packed dates in venues such as King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut. Their sound is an indie pop fuelled hybrid. Like Foals, but subdued.

Their two singles, both released in 2014 show great promise for the band. Their track, Istanbul is especially avant-garde. Influences of Bowie and Bolan shine through here. Look Like Gold will make Peace fans swoon within seconds. It almost sounds like it was torn from In Love’s track list without anyone noticing. For those of you eager to dance, get yourself a date with Jakil soon. We need more music like this. Carefree summer music to sway to. Find them on the following sites:

Facebook -

YouTube -

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