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The Big Discovery is hitting Edinburgh this Saturday. The line-up is filled to the brim with local talent, oozing impressive indie delights that are perfect for any summer playlist. The Big Discovery is the perfect way to discover new music and experience some up-and-coming bands on smaller stages.

You can catch the performances at Sneaky Pete's (18+), The Mash House (14+), Fantoosh (14+) and Cabaret Voltaire (14+). Bands will be playing from 15:00 in all of the above venues.

Here is our list of some of the smaller bands you need to catch on the day.

1. Echo Valley (TOP PICK) The Mash House @ 19:00

Echo Valley have played many successful gigs in Scotland this past year, including performances at Broadcast and King Tutts. The band have shared stages with indie hits, Peace and played gigs with local favourites, The Van T's. Echo Valley are a wonderful concoction of psychedelic, indie rock. Their music is alluring and endearing: it can be played in a sweaty dim-lit basement, or played as an atmospheric soundtrack to a summer BBQ. Distorted vox comprises the bands most alluring element. Their ballad, Forgotten Son, is a slow-burning delight.

Find them on the following sites:

Facebook -

Twitter -

Bandcamp -

2. Indigo Velvet - The Mash House @ 20:00

Indigo Velvet are an Edinburgh based band. These local boys have experienced a lot of success over the past year, with some distinguished tracks to show for it (City Boys, Wooden Pavements). These boys are your classic indie rock dream. Lighthearted and shimmery; their sound enforces an overwhelming sense of summer nostalgia. Listen to Indigo Velvet and you'll instantly feel warmer. They make perfect summer tunes, expressing being young and in love - what could be better?

If you like The 1975 and Two Door Cinema Club, then you'll definitely dig Indigo Velvet.

Find Indigo Velvet on the following sites:

Facebook -

Twitter -

Youtube -

3. Cool Blue - Cabaret Voltaire @ 17:10

Cool Blue are a brand new band. If you were hoping tomorrow would bring something completely unheard of before, then Cool Blue are your answer. Grab a beer and let their smooth, ashy sound lull you into a sense of complete chill. Its shimmery and its dark and its intriguing.

Cool Blue's gig at Cab Vol this weekend is their debut appearance together onstage. Be sure to check them out. We'll certainly be there.

Head to their Facebook page for all the details:

4. Huxtable - Sneak Pete's @ 19:00

This band describe themselves as Riff Rock. Their newest EP, It's A Trap was released in February last year and exposes some of their most refined tracks to date. Smooth melody is intertwined in heavy progressive riffery. If old school Rock is your thing, then get down to Sneaky Pete's tomorrow, for 19:00 sharp. Its sure to be a good show.

The band were nominated for Scotland's Best Alt-Rock Band, 2015. Make sure to check out the Huxtable Youtube account - they have some pretty snazzy music videos.

Find Huxtable on the following sites:

Facebook -

Youtube -

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