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Let’s face it, things get too tough at times. Whether it’s money, deadlines or the irrepressible fear of stubbing your toe again. Everyone has something to dread. It’s important to remember to relax once in a while. Which is exactly the intention of this week’s playlist. These are ten of the most calming songs that we could find. Forget about the looming stresses and unwind.

Here is our Top Picks from this weeks list: Find the rest of the playlist here

1. Bon Iver & St Vincent - Rosalyn

St Vincent sounds like the future. Bon Iver sound like eternal nostalgia. A collaboration by these two shouldn’t be natural. However, this is beyond beautiful. The harmonies are incredible and the simplistic acoustic backing is haunting. For optimum effect, stare out of a window while it rains.

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St. Vincent Facebook:


2. Jon Hopkins - I Remember

Jon Hopkins is renowned for complex musicianship. But here, we see a completely different side. Gone are the days of layered electric beats. His normal is replaced by an intricate piano solos, grabbing your attention from start to end.

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3. Baths - <3

One of the more avant-garde entries here. Baths is an American chillwave producer. This track plays well off Hopkin’s entry. Choosing to combine a similar piano piece with dense electronic effects. Possibly the most upbeat on this list. You can almost dance to it.

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4. Thom Yorke - Nose Grows Some

Everyone’s favourite international man of misery, Thom Yorke, is present and correct. Taken from Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, this track is a labyrinth. It’s not a world away from his Atoms for Peace side project. Only, this music designed for soul searching. Lose yourself in the evocative vocals and sweeping synth.



5. Boards of Canada - Hi Scores

Scottish electronic outfit Boards of Canada have been around a while. Since their formation in 1986, they’ve seen the greats rise and fall. This makes for some very interesting music. Here we have the hectic nature of The Chemical Brothers, mixed with the stoic calmness of Brian Eno. Great for when you want to stick it to the system, quietly. And after a nap.



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