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Thee MVPs are a London based band. Scuzzy, messy rock 'n' roll is what they do best. The band have been touring furiously in the USA over the past month, funding most of the trip from their own pockets. Their DIY attitude and love for what they do, screams through their music and smacks the listener in the face. It isn't just one of those limp slaps either; it's the kind of slap that leaves your face tingling for hours after. One of those clean slaps that has your jaw aching for days. See for yourself:

This is the sort of vehement sounding scruff that is easy to listen to and completely complimentary to the ear. Smooth melody rumbles in the foundations of each MVPs track, making this rough, hectic and estranged ensemble dangerously easy to listen to. Each track oozes a a hopeful bleakness. Once you listen once, you won't be able to stop - completely wrapped and twisted into the battering, boomerang thrash that is Thee MVPs' sound.

Listen and Enjoy.

Adrenaline rushed and energetic: Thee MVPs are your car crash, jet-fuelled answer to Thee Oh Sees. (That's a good thing, trust me.)

Watch. This. Space.

Thee MVPs play with Twin Peaks tonight at stereo in Glasgow. Get Tickets here:

Keep a look out for Thee MVPs interview with SNOG. Coming soon.

Find the band on the following sites: Official Website:





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