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The largest recorded exhibition of The Queens clothes and accessories will open next week, in Edinburgh. I know what you’re all thinking. Unfortunately, her dogs’ wardrobe won’t be featured.

The exhibition will take place at The Palace of Holyroodhouse and will showcase items from Her Majesty’s finest wardrobe to date.

This 90th birthday bash is one of three exhibitions entitled Fashioning A Reign: 90 Years of Style from the Queens Wardrobe.

"I love these corgi's even more than I love my country"

Other exhibitions will take place in London, opening in June.

Next week, in Edinburgh, we can expect to see more than 150 outfits worn by the lovely Lizzie. Exhibitions will show designs spanning from the 1920’s to modern day, including outfits worn to family celebrations, global visits, and day-to-day attire. Her favorite lacy bra with matching panties will not be in the collections, however.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse has been the setting for several occasions throughout her reign - including a visit from King Olav of Norway in 1962. Here she wore a pale-blue silk evening gown, which will be displayed in the exhibition. Unfortunately, the corgies stayed at home with Phillip, so there’s no chance of any Royal Doggie Fashion tips. Dammit.

Many have highlighted the importance of the Queens style, with Vogue going as far to say her fashion can influence what we see on the runway.

There’s no denying her importance as a British Fashion Icon, so if you’re interested, head down to the Palace next week and have a right good trapse through her wardrobe. Don’t count on her letting you swap your blue crop top for her green silk chiffon gown from 1957, though.

Watch this space for next week’s feature on Phillips tie collection.

Get tickets to the exhibition here:

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