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Aimee Adam is her name. Quirky and bold illustrations are her game.

Aimee released her debut piece on Vimeo 2 weeks ago (see below). Faced with a sum of forty different short stories, this young artist chose Haircut as the platform from which to base her first screen-based piece. "I thought Haircut sounded very fun and bizarre, so I had to pick it."

This piece took four weeks to execute. The end product is heartwarming and intuitive; showing something simple to be something alluring and beautiful. Aimee has created a lovable character, you can warm to in the space of a mere 60 seconds.

"I say I want it short, short back and side. I tell him, man, I tell him, when I take him aside. I say, I want a haircut I can wear with pride. So leave it long on top, but short back and side."

The eighteen year-old creative moved from her home city, Dunfermline, to the bustling City of Dundee in September last year. She is currently studying at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (very fancy) in her foundation year. "Moving out has definitely had an effect on my creative work. Meeting so many new people and exploring a new city has opened my mind up to much more creative possibilities." Aimee has always had a love for music and fashion, but says her art mainly stems from her love of comic books. The majority of her work is illustration based; taking inspiration from various different comic book characters. "I've always been in to really peculiar cartoons and comic books. Sponge Bob, Ed Ed and Eddy and things like that. I'd say they've inspired me a lot over the years." She hopes to specialise in illustration, with dreams of starting a comic book herself: "it would be cool to change peoples views on comics and make them big again."

Outside of art, Aimee tells me of her fondness for the pop musician, Charlie XCX, "I like her don't-give-a-fuck attitude and her strong views on feminism."

As opposed to being solemn with her artistic voice, Aimee prefers to keep her work lighthearted and endearing:"I think my art always has quite a funny or ironic theme to it. I prefer to make people laugh, rather than take things too seriously". Her side project was a colloquial take on War time recruitment posters. "I wanted to do something that you would never actually see on the streets and that the public would definitely have a strange reaction to."

"Before uni I always thought I'd go on to do fine art, so I did a lot of portrait painting and photography. My course has definitely opened me up to new opportunities that I never knew about. Illustration is for sure my favourite thing to do now!"

Aimee's future is open to dozens of artistic endeavours. For now, she concentrates on her assessed work. Although, keep an eye out, because her work may be featured on a local band's upcoming EP.


Find some of Aimee's fantastic work on the following sites:

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