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SINGLE REVIEW: Twin Peaks newest release, Butterfly 30/03/2016

Butterfly is the follow-up track to Twin Peaks' previous 2016 release, Walk To The One You Love. Both tracks ooze apathetic romance:

"I won't cry, I'll beg for you to stay." "Oh, it's such a butterfly feeling to have you for a friend."

Butterfly is a spiralling, almost-but-not-quite love song. Simple chords intertwine with feathery bass strokes to create a seductive dance melody. Frontman, Cadien Lake James, spews abrasive vocals into a mix that is otherwise gentle and endearing. The frantic merging of harmonies that follow, make for a fleeting track that is bluesy, yet up-beat. It is hearty and rough; melting you into an estranged groove.

This track accepts the intimacy and the closeness of love, but not the other stuff. Be friends and be lovers, but don't be romantics. Dance, laugh and touch; but leave out the rest.

Ultimately: life is too short, so do what you want with each other.

Over the past 3 years, Twin Peaks have consistently showcased twangy rock & roll melodies which make your hips roll. Interlocking this with smooth feel-good psychedelia, they have created a sound which is equally as caustic as it is exhilarating.

The boys are touring in the UK just now. Be sure to catch them at Stereo in Glasgow, on April 16th. Support comes from London band, Thee MVPs. Look out for the upcoming SNOG review.

If you do head out to see the boys, make sure you're ready to love and make sure you're ready to dance:

Be sure to check out their albums Sunken and Wild Onion. Want to hear more of their stuff? Head to the following sites:




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