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THIS WEEK'S FEATURES (06/09/2016):

This week's playlist features all of the artists we are writing about this week. From music that's brand new, to music that's new to us. Listen and familiarise yourself with some of the best new music to come out of Scotland and beyond in the past few months.


This week's playlist features a small selection of some of the best tracks of the 2000's. These tracks are the kind of nostalgic beauties that will throw you back to the days of young love, young hope and young stupidity. Enjoy.


This week's playlist comes in the form of the 3rd album from Illinois rockers, Twin Peaks. Down In Heaven is a is an album which epitomises summer. From the disappointing youthful romances, to partying until the early hours with your friends: this album makes for the PERFECT summer playlist to match those sunshine days.

CHILLED (17/04/2016):

This weeks playlist is for all you idle folks out there. Take time out of your hectic week to listen to some of our favourite chilled out tracks. Put your earphones in and let the sweeping instrumentals float you off to another world.

WOMEN (10/04/2016):

Here is SNOG's list of some of Scotland's most talented ladies. We've thrown in a few artists from further afield, because they were just too good to miss. Whether its an all-girl band, or she's frontwoman, bassist or keyboard player; we want her in this playlist. 

BEACH (24/04/2016):

This week's playlist is filled to the brim with crooning and dreamy vocals that will make your heart flutter. It is overflowing with surf and acoustic magic, making you feel as though that summer sunshine never disappeared.

SCOTTISH TALENT (03/04/2016):

If there's one thing that Scotland is known for, its having a healthy underground music scene. Here is SNOG's list of some of the best unsigned or newly signed bands and solo artists in Scotland right now. Enjoy.

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